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If you are a chocolate maker, a specialized bean-to-bar retailer or a cacao producer and it’s possible to visit your plantation, I will be very happy to share more information about you. Feel free to send me an email. Please go to Register your place to check the information I would like to share here. It’s FREE 😉 !

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14 Best Chocolates/Cacao in the World 2020

Below you will discover 14 of the world’s finest cacao farms and where to purchase their chocolate. HCP has identified the world’s most flavorful cacao beans to bring YOU the absolute best possible quality chocolate for generations to come. HCP supported cacao farms create the best tasting, most sophisticated, ethically responsible chocolate products in the world supporting bio-diversity, and sustainability improving

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Chocolate made in Chile

El chocolate en Chile se va abriendo paso con elegancia. Si antes fue la bombonería de lujo – que usa chocolate ya procesado traído del extranjero-, hoy la tendencia son los chocolates hechos en Chile, lo cual hace que un eslabón más de la cadena de elaboración del chocolate se haga de manera local, generando

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Inside Chocolate: Munay

If you’ve ever visited South America, you’ll likely agree that the bean-to-bar movement still sits in its infancy, at least compared to that same movement in other parts of the world. Despite being home to cacao beans of most excellent quality, it’s the trading of those raw beans, not the final chocolate product, that drives

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Los cacao boys Maria Jose Salas13 JUL 2016 03:15 PM Paula Digital. Es tal la industralización que ha sufrido la chocolatería, con sus grandes fábricas de bombones y barras, que lo que debiera ser lo normal: hacer chocolate con los dos ingredientes que se necesitan, cacao y azúcar, es hoy la novedad. From bean to bar o del

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